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LEAN Agile development is an important set of agile principles which came from lean manufacturing principles adapted from the Toyota Production System developed between 1928 and 1975. The seven LEAN Agile development principles are:
  1. Eliminate Waste,
  2. Learn Always,
  3. Deliver Fast,
  4. Empower Everyone,
  5. Build Quality In,
  6. Keep Getting Better,
  7. See the Whole
  8. .
Lean Software Development covers agile principles that appear in almost all the other agile approaches.

Eliminate Waste is the most poignant, to improve understanding, deliver swiftly, engage and empower teams, make sure quality is open and can be assessed, small iterative improvements and the vision of the entire project process and delivery environment are generic agile concepts. They probably were not, though, when the Lean principles came out in print. Lean originated in a very popular book of the same name by Mary and Tom Poppendieck. By far the very best overview of the method is suitably defined at their website:


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