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 Overcoming Barriers to Agile  Overcoming Barriers to Agile   Strategic Agile Transformation   Strategic Agile Transformation

It is called Lifecycle localisation which is frankly a big title for a little bit of hard work.

Localisation of the Lifecycle is done as part of your agile transformation initiative and involves methodology and standards expertise to document precisely what project teams perform in real world projects now, what processes they ignore or avoid and what the mandatory steps through a project are end-to-end as they relate to the current organisational lifecycle. This baseline of current process forms the First Fix Localisation.

The process the team perform next is to establish industry rules and incorporate these along with the techniques outlined in the Toolkit to form a best practise outline for the processes. A set of combined processes are established and incorporated within the stages and phases of the Toolkit Lifecycle. This forms the Second Fix Localisation when the lifecycle is manually desk checked end to end and found to be robust to challenge and enquiry.

The Third Fix Localisation is generated when the Agile Transformation Capability Threshold is reached and breached successfully. The Lifecycle has been documented, enhanced as well as tested to the maximum required and can be said to be localised to the organisational needs.


 Overcoming Barriers to Agile     Overcoming Barriers to Agile   Strategic Agile Transformation    Strategic Agile Transformation

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Lifecycle Localisation


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