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 Knowledge transfer  Knowledge transfer   Agile and Account Management   Agile and Account Management

So, to monitor project spend at the macro or organisational level, we need more data to be able to perform convincing financial comparisons.

We will see which project is spending the fastest, or the most, or what the projects are spending on infrastructure or on personnel.

Added expenditure on infrastructure or equipment is enlarging the organisations asset base and this has implications for our corporate accounting controls.

A rapid rise in the demand for personnel may mean we have a faster recruitment campaign to perform or we may be adding to our remuneration or corporate pension pressures.

This is where our management information demands are needed and require a period of definition and calculation.

There are as many subjects as there are questions that we want answers to. It is almost impossible to predict with any serious level of accuracy what the management information requirements or query reporting needs are for an organisation. This is why it is wise to begin to define these requirements early in the process and refine them as the project progresses.

This is certainly a challenge to perform before the team have worked together on a strategy and tested their approach. Once this has been performed for a short period of time, then the frequency and depth of management data querying requests expand to react to the exacting demands of the management team. So the challenge at the outset of the project is how to establish management information structures in the data environment which will support the flexible query demands of a future team of managers. Again, we favour the swift fit for purpose solution that meets our objective. Simply, the long term requirement for flexible reporting requires a compliant temporary solution while the immediate data collection and management is performed.

Complex and comprehensive solutions abound in the area of data warehousing, Extract Transform and Load (ETL) systems to hold and source data as well as online analytical processing (OLAP), interim OLAP Cubes and business intelligence applications to design and generate flexible analytical reports.

Our solution, as we said, is erring towards the simple. If you need more complex solutions then we strongly advice sourcing further data analysis and MI expertise as this domain can very swiftly run down project funds before you have collected a scrap of beneficial data. A complex solution is often demanded due to the density and complexity of the organisation.

However the Toolkit is not trying to be the answer to all known and unknown project challenges and will always seek to offer a fit for purpose solution. So, let us look at a simple solution for Account Management in Agile Projects.


 Knowledge transfer     Knowledge transfer   Agile and Account Management    Agile and Account Management

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