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Remember, we said that it is the management of time that is important, not measurement. Our time is set by the business, ultimately by the market in which we operate. We no longer demand the weighty intrusive maintenance of a multi-page project plan document; we need a small plan that is simple, agile and easy to change. Let us look a little more closely then at the simple but important management of time.

So, we have a delivery. It has a start date and an end date. That delivery is subdivided into shipments. Each shipment has a start date and an end date. Obviously, project management does not end there. Once the planning of the work is complete, you will agree the various start and end dates of the shipments. Once they are agreed, with key stakeholders, you will communicate these dates. Sending an e-mail, though, is not enough. Experience shows that a large poster, or desktop wallpaper for everyone, is more successful communication.

We normally produce a large visual or presentation slide. This graphically demonstrates the whole delivery, each shipment and very clearly identifies the end dates of each. We colour code the shipments differently and do a print run of A3 posters. These are placed around the room. We also place them strategically in communal meeting areas, rooms and workshop conference rooms. But we advise to never place them in coffee areas or canteens. We value the espresso, the donut, the pastry and the break away from motivational stimulus.


 Measurement of Time     Measurement of Time   Gold Card days    Gold Card days

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Management of time


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