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Measures for Time and Quality we will come to later. Just now we want to concern ourselves with cost and the measurement of cost. Please do not get worried this is not an accountancy Toolkit! We are all deliverers of projects not deliverers of financial accounts. Our objective remember, is to get you delivering projects using The Big Agile Toolkit now and forever in the future. Let us face it; this is the definitive objective of project cost outcome predictability. First, we examine cost measurement.

The Toolkit is extensible; you can use this technique if it works for you or drop it in favour of your own or another cost measurement paradigm. What we are seeking to achieve in the Toolkit is a cost measurement method that gets away from the old fashioned dedication to a business case and all failed dependency on cost benefit analysis.

In cost measurement, although we do not expect you to be an accountant, we do use some parts of the rather deep topic of Applied Information Economics (AIE). We do not use all of AIE because for the purposes of the Toolkit it is too much detail for not enough payback. It is over the top for agile projects, in our view. We use subsets of AIE and within the Toolkit we title this informal selection of techniques Agile Information Economics.

 Project Measurement     Project Measurement   Agile Information Economics    Agile Information Economics

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Measurement of Cost


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