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It is important to remember that it is the business team who are driving the quality of the project, who are responsible for the quality of the various deliverables and who should be held to question regarding quality at the end of the project. So, if we have a deliverable that the business team has validated, this deliverable is fit for purpose and ready for shipment.

Experienced testers can suggest and advice on the various elements of the validation. They cannot mandate specific qualities that the deliverable must contain. If there are mandatory quality requirements, these will be documented in the project requirements list and assigned priority. They will be estimated along with the rest of the work, delivered as part of one or more shipments and validated during one of the system reviews.

The Toolkit is reviewing and measuring quality as an embedded part of the process. Team members are checking quality at the lowest level when they work together in pairs and when their work is combined and validated. This occurs in software development during pair programming and takes place all the time, certainly every 10 minutes.

Combined source code is continually integrated and so the quality is validated when individual source code is checked in. This is taking place almost all the time, certainly every 2-3 hours. Quality is also validated and confirmed by every team member at the Daily Forum. This, of course, takes place every day. Shipments take place every few weeks and quality is validated there also. As you can see, quality is regularly validated by different people at different times and throughout the whole project.

In the next topic, we look at how we manage quality on our individual projects.


 Quality Every Minute     Quality Every Minute   Management of quality    Management of quality

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Measurement of Quality


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