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We have seen the way we ensure projects are allocated only an endorsed budget. Now we see mechanisms to ensure projects spend only their allocated funding and no more. Also we ensure Small Change projects do not spend more than Small Change spending thresholds. This latter objective is simply achieved.

The Small Change project is allocated no more than the Small Change allocation thresholds and it is monitored to ensure it does not exceed this allocation. For the purposes of the Toolkit, the Small Change allocation thresholds are exactly equal to the Small Change spending thresholds. Ipso facto, a project cannot exceed its spending threshold.

Now, traditionally all projects are allocated only their endorsed funds, so as long as they are maintained within their endorsed funds limits, they too cannot exceed their maximum funds allowance. This is true. However, regularly within organisations, we see projects continuing to burn money while continuing to request funds as the organisation agonizingly neglects to monitor what is actually spent. However, this is a problem that is incredibly simple to fix.

We have already seen that it is simple to manage the spending total. The spending total is not exceeded due to the allocation being constrained at a maximum limit. So, allocation is fixed therefore spending is fixed. But we need more information than that about the project and about the project spend. If we only monitor the final spend, we only learn that a project has used up all its funds allocation. This news is too late for us to repair the damage. We will know early if a project is burning money at a rate to extinguish its funds before the end.


 Project Funds Management     Project Funds Management   Project Funds Data Reporting    Project Funds Data Reporting

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Monitor the Project Spend


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