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 Agile Jobs Explosion  Agile Jobs Explosion   Rigour and Vigour   Rigour and Vigour

Is being Naked and Agile the answer?

This explosion of demand for agile related skills is a gauge to the undercurrent of feverish project search activity by organisations. The search is for fastpath routes to offer repeatable high performance delivery with reduced expenditure and to give the project portfolios, and thus their organisation, a swift cost saving shot in the arm of new money.

This frenzy however is driven from the bottom up, from the central development teams out and governed largely by eager energetic enthusiasm rather than measured target led order.

It is a move to what is called Naked Agile. Before mental images begin to haunt your mind, this refers to the simple paired back minimal process early ethos of agile. But dear reader, take this Naked Agile route with caution. Back as far as 2006, we were told this was not the model for every project.

Naked Skydiving 2006 advice 

It is fair to say that the idea is superb in certain circumstances and if your development shop does only development projects and importantly ships code, you are a very lucky set of people and should consider going Naked indeed.

For the rest of us who have to budget and communicate with corporate sponsors and the like, the heavyweight processes of yester year are too much and going naked is going too far. To be frank, the terminology and the concept are immediately controversial and at odds with big corporate development shops. Read our section on  eXtreme Feedback Devices XFD  to get a flavour of the problem and the challenge.

Embracing what may be construed as the deviant ideas of eliminated process inside an enthusiastic minimalist ethos is fine as long as quick fix ideals do not displace diligence.

An instantaneous move away from any checks or any process puts a project at risk. It looses the real benefits of the precision and control that years of research and development, painful trial and error, learned best practice and collaborative industry initiatives in project management have sought to deliver.

Remember we are not traditionalist project supporters; we are developers and experienced agile project practitioners and campaigners.

We know there is a way to deliver agile vigour inside the governance rigour your project investments demand and we demonstrate that cost savings can be made with waste reduction and with no added burdens or risks.


 Agile Jobs Explosion     Agile Jobs Explosion   Rigour and Vigour    Rigour and Vigour

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