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 Agile and a Simple Plan  Agile and a Simple Plan   Strategy Alignment   Strategy Alignment

Organisational Development is overtly dependent upon deep and extensive communication across the organisation to ensure your people are not kept in the dark and fed bad information.

Here we will see how your organisation will unleash that broad communication via the Organisational Development Plan while your organisation relinquishes the Organisational Development Budget.

Your Organisational Development Plan outlines the strategy of your organisation in terms of its objectives and the time in which it wants to achieve those objectives. In other words, it will describe what it wants to do and when it wants to do it. What your organisation wants to do is very often a little wider than the activity your projects can deliver. Sometimes this involves influencing governments or individuals, influencing bodies and groups, changing hearts and minds, training, negotiation and arbitration.

However, in the Toolkit, we concentrate on the elements of the organisation that can be changed by and included within organisational project activity. So, for our purposes, what the organisation wants to do are projects and, in the Toolkit, we call this list of projects a project pipeline. When an organisation wants to do it are project deadlines. When you see projects and deadlines together, these are often presented in plan format, called a project pipeline plan or sometimes called a project runway.

Remember, we said that we aim towards the easy and straightforward. Therefore, we will explore the objectives of a project pipeline plan. This is to list all the projects, show where projects start and end, identify where funding releases are required, identify where project personnel (this refers to an organisational headcount not individuals) are required and made available. Elsewhere in the Toolkit, we will look closer at the project pipeline plan but first of all we examine how we align our strategy.


 Agile and a Simple Plan     Agile and a Simple Plan   Strategy Alignment    Strategy Alignment

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