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 Prioritising Requirements  Prioritising Requirements   User Requirements and Shipments   User Requirements and Shipments

Whatever user requirements you derive and uncover, they must be acceptable to your user audience. This almost goes without saying. However our experience dictates that this is a key area indeed. Carl Kessler and John Sweitzer in their work on outside-in software development talk about four different user stakeholder groups. They treat the feedback from these groups slightly differently depending upon their source and influence.

Wikipedia has Outside-in methodologies promote only developing according to stakeholder requirements. By identifying your stakeholders properly and soliciting helpful feedback early on … agile and outside-in methodologies can mesh together seamlessly. It is argued that these ideas are already inside an agile development. If you take the contrary statement, it is almost certainly waterfall methods that have religiously developed whilst ignoring key stakeholder requirements and certainly involved them late in the development process. These are the very mistakes that an agile development is seeking to overcome.

In the Section on User Groups we identify the stakeholder categories we will use within The Big Agile Toolkit.


 Prioritising Requirements     Prioritising Requirements   User Requirements and Shipments    User Requirements and Shipments

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