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 Outsourced Project Delivery Management  Outsourced Project Delivery Management   Outsourced Project Delivery Acceptance   Outsourced Project Delivery Acceptance

Let us now look at quality. You need each product or project deliverable to reach a certain level of quality in order that the combined project delivery works and achieves its objectives. You require a security login screen to prevent unauthorised access in the same way that you expect windows to keep weather and noise out of your room. Such expectations are natural. But it is the detailed specification of those expectations that is more difficult and unnatural.

So you will document and agree your acceptance criteria for each major deliverable on the project. Therefore, if your window is expected to withstand strong winds you define what you mean by a strong wind, maybe in miles per hour (mph) and in the length of time (say, two hours) the window will need to withstand it. If your window is expected to keep out loud noise, you will need to define what you mean my loud noise. It might be noise greater than 80 dB in long bursts of more than five minutes. Whatever the criteria, you will define it.


 Outsourced Project Delivery Management     Outsourced Project Delivery Management   Outsourced Project Delivery Acceptance    Outsourced Project Delivery Acceptance

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