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 Outsourced Project Delivery  Outsourced Project Delivery   Outsourced Project Procurement Example   Outsourced Project Procurement Example

To establish formal procurement, an organisation agrees mutually acceptable terms of reference between them and the delivery partner. The delivery partner is invited, very often as part of a formal procurement process in a competitive tendering environment, to generate and submit a proposal. This is an information gathering exercise for the organisation to confirm the suppliers in the marketplace and begin to establish a relationship with one or more of them. There are more learned tomes on the topic of procurement but for completeness the IT project delivery procurement process (as distinct from the procurement of simply equipment) is traditionally kicked off with a request for proposal (R.F.P.). This is a term often interchanged with request for tender (R.F.T.). Of course the organisation will have conducted much work before this stage to establish its strategy, specific requirements and benefits as well as preferred outcomes, likely timescales and much more including environmental criteria.

The RFP is itself a document and can come in many forms. It normally outlines the scope of proposed change required in the business as well as lots information on the legal, technical, financial and procedural conditions the chosen supplier will satisfy. The next section goes through an example.


 Outsourced Project Delivery     Outsourced Project Delivery   Outsourced Project Procurement Example    Outsourced Project Procurement Example

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Outsourced Project Procurement


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