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 Outsourced Project Procurement  Outsourced Project Procurement   Outsourced Project Delivery Contracts   Outsourced Project Delivery Contracts

The proposal is sent by the aspiring delivery partner in response to the R.F.P. It will confirm the overall objectives for the project as well as the skills and resources provided, a plan, risks, costs, constraints and requirements to be satisfied. There will likely be a period of a request for information (R.F.I.) as the organisation seeks to understand more about the capability of the delivery partners. It seeks to understand about their financial and project history and other information with pertinent (though sometimes they may seem impertinent) questions to the delivery partner.

Once the Proposal is agreed a detailed plan is traditionally developed to sub divide the project into stages and deliverables. Once this is agreed it will form the basis of the estimating process to derive the detailed project costs. Agile projects are not delimited from being involved in procurement processes, regardless of what you hear.

In fact, because they are run in a way that delivers certainty to costs and deadlines, they should be the winning bid in a competitive tender every time, in our naturally unbiased pro-agile manner you understand.

This is another topic that is gathering some debate as we consider that the whole procurement process and tendering elements are traditionally setup to align to traditional methods and thinking. Almost every R.F.I. or Bid Request you see favours a sequential development process with specifications fixed at the start of the process. This demands a change and this process will need to open up for agile delivery. Though, all this successful bidding also depends on the capability of an organisation to support an agile ethos and in partners to deliver, and to deliver well, in this manner. Assuming the delivery partner is selected to progress in the process, references & due diligence checks into the companys background are made before the negotiations and final selection process takes place.

 Outsourced Project Procurement     Outsourced Project Procurement   Outsourced Project Delivery Contracts    Outsourced Project Delivery Contracts

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