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This is likely to be the final opportunity to trap errors prior to a full-blown live run. Pilot testing is normally performed after successful system testing is complete. However, with the careful management of environments and test data, these can conceivably be performed in parallel. The pilot test is an evaluation of your system to check not only how it operates in a quasi live environment but also an evaluation of the procedures which surrounds of the system and the training of the people who use it. More and more now we see organisations using pilot testing to perform their alpha tests and beta tests.

Once your project is content that the components, the groups of components, the system and the various environments are operating as anticipated you are probably ready to run your first alpha tests. These are often one with a selected group of users who are aware the system they are running is not the final solution. Alpha tests are performed in collaboration with the development teams and are the ideal platform for usability (aka user-friendliness) testing. Beta testing is performed with a wider user group, different operating platforms and maybe a selection of the public at large.


 System testing     System testing   Non-functional testing    Non-functional testing

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