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The Post Delivery Review is performed to establish how successful the project was in delivering an appropriate solution and running an efficient project. The review will use the Prioritised Story Board to validate that the agreed functionality was delivered and confirm at least the Minimum Acceptable Delivery was deployed. The Review will also examine project quality by closely examining the acceptance criteria in the Prioritised Story Board to see that stories were completed. The Review will assess that the business were satisfied that their acceptance criteria for each release was met and that the release manager was satisfied that their acceptance criteria for each shipment was met.

The Review will study the project costs by closely examining project finances. The estimating history is re-assessed to report on the success of the estimating process within the project. The funding requests are compared against the gradual project financing drawdown of funds to see the percentage of funds used at various phases throughout the life of the project. The early deployment of elements of the emerging solution will provide early benefits during the early phases of the project and this drawdown gives critical information about the investment performance of the project when compared to early stage benefits.

The Review will study the project schedule by closely examining the Delivery Plan. This has guided the project throughout but projects periodically need reassessing and re-planning to respond to critical often extraneous events. The project will deliver to time when planned and run according to the Toolkit. But the events that cause reassessment or re-planning are the topics of interest to the review. The Review will identify those events, describe them and assess what lessons the project can learn from their impact on the project.

Communication to the wider organisation is a matter for the organisation but may benefit other projects in a similar scenario. Finally, the proposed benefits are assessed and the project confirms when Benefits Mining will start and end as well as confirming the suitability of the Benefits Mining activities to uncover and realise the proposed benefits.


 Post Delivery Warranties     Post Delivery Warranties   Emergency Incident Management    Emergency Incident Management

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Post Delivery Review


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