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 Project Profitability and ROI  Project Profitability and ROI   Management of cost   Management of cost

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A project Break Even analysis is the process whereby we analyse the venture to establish its break even point in simple financial accounting terms. The break even point of a project is the point in the projects term when the value of the financial benefits received from the project are equal to the value of funds allocated and used by the project. An important event has arisen.

Project Benefits Realised = Project funds allocated to date

In this way we are demonstrating the Profitability, the Return on Investment as well as the Break Even circumstances for our projects. This may be a new and almost revolutionary concept to your organisation. However, break even analysis is an acknowledged financial evaluation technique. Very simply, by using the Toolkit, you have the techniques to evidence at every available opportunity your improved project performance and you use this in the project pipeline to demonstrate how your high performance projects are performing in comparison to the rest. Therefore, by standardising the evaluation model and using robust comparison can the results be trusted, unchallenged and shared. This way the professional management of costs can be achieved.


 Project Profitability and ROI     Project Profitability and ROI   Management of cost    Management of cost

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Project Break Even Analysis


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