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Project Funding Cycles are important. This important set of funding rules will often define what funds you can request, the process for funding requests and when they can be defined in summary as well as when they will be defined in detail. Mainly they define the start date and end date for funding for the financial year but are often graded into release dates or segments when specific funding activity such as funds release is performed.

Normally organisations cycle one year at a time as Project Change Budgets are agreed and released for consumption by the projects. Typically you may learn that an organisation has a funding cycle which starts say on June 1st and ends on May 30th. This frankly does not tell you a great deal because this may mean that this particular organisation demands that you have your funding requests for the year submitted for approval well before June 1st or the dates June 1st or May 30th means something different altogether. So you will be wise to delve a little deeper into the directives and definitions of funding dates and funding rules. Some industries do not operate yearly funding cycles at all. Forestry and oil exploration clients we have worked with have long funding cycles for reasons associated with flora growing periods and unavoidably enormous, lengthy and complex setup for each industry respectively.

Nevertheless, you want to learn and confirm who you make your request to, in what format the request is made, when it needs to be delivered, who will review and assess it, what are the parameters the assessors are seeking to learn, what they accept and what they reject.

You want to make sure your project estimates are presented in good time so that they are authorised or have enough time to be challenged and re-issued. Ideally your project funding endeavours will benefit if the organisation supports various funding options including co-funding and flexible arrangements for requesting and arranging funds. What the funding cycle does not tell you however is, once funds are accepted and agreed, how those funds will be specifically allocated to your project. This topic is the allocation of Project Funds.


 Fund the Project     Fund the Project   Project Funds Allocation    Project Funds Allocation

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Project Funding Cycle


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