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 Monitor the Project Spend  Monitor the Project Spend   Project Profitability and ROI   Project Profitability and ROI

Our solution is a simple database with a simple front end query tool. These are available all over the web and the best are not necessarily the most expensive. Software tool selection is the topic of many other publications and there are many examples of free and open source software packages for database storage and front end querying across the web.

If you prefer a software-as-a-service (S.a.a.S.) solution then a simple web based database and front end query tool and search pages will work up on the web also. Hosting costs are so low these days that this is often the least expensive option that also provides quick to market write-once-run-anywhere (W.O.R.A.) opportunities. That is once you unravel the vagaries of the variety of browser options or alternatively standardize on just one browser. So, we have a simple database and this is ready to be connected to a front end query tool. So, we can query to our hearts content. Patently, we need data before we can jump headlong into this. So, you may wish to go back a couple of sections to establish your data requirements for monitoring project spend. Use the simple fields we suggest first and augment your solution by adding your own.

Now, let us look at the reason why we are seeking to monitor our project spend and clarify our ultimate organisational objective. Let us now switch to the topics of Project Profitability and return on investment (R.O.I.).

 Monitor the Project Spend     Monitor the Project Spend   Project Profitability and ROI    Project Profitability and ROI

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