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 Project Is Stalled  Project Is Stalled   Transformation Has Uninterested Sponsor   Transformation Has Uninterested Sponsor

The project has a lack of leadership and/or management.

The Toolkit demonstrates the need for tight appropriate leadership and management of the assessments, the Daily Forums, the pair programming and training events. The project sponsor needs to head up the drive in the business and this is a serious drop in Commitment if it is lacking.

You or the agile coach will seek to understand how this lack of leadership is occurring and why it is taking place. Is it down to a lack of experience that the manager has disconnected from the project? Is it because of other reasons that the manager cannot successfully engage and deliver the transformation? Is there a schedule or scope or other issue affecting the agile transformation that is critically impacting the opportunity for project success? Or is it an issue of performance where the team has dropped the velocity needed?

Is there a lack of resources or a change in experienced personnel that is adversely affecting the capability of the whole team to perform. All these issues and more can appear to be a lack of leadership.

Spearhead a review of the delivery areas alongside the agile transformation manager to uncover the true source of the apparent drop in leadership. If this is a capability issue on the part of the manager, assess costs and capabilities of the organisation to enrol someone else from inside or outsource to an experienced agile organisation. If there are other issues then treat this like the previous failure scenario and run a crisis workshop to repair the damage before it threatens the transformation further.


 Project Is Stalled     Project Is Stalled   Transformation Has Uninterested Sponsor    Transformation Has Uninterested Sponsor

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Project Has Lack of Leadership


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