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 Project Is Under Resourced  Project Is Under Resourced   Project Has Lack of Leadership   Project Has Lack of Leadership

The agile transformation project is stalled with conflict, competition and politics.

The Toolkit recommends the management of key stakeholders to ensure they are focussed on this project and not on competing or counter projects. Furthermore the project objectives will be clear, unambiguous and widely communicated across the organisation so that late breaking challengers do not appear and disrupt the team or the progress of the project.

The agile transformation project is crucial and this message needs making crystal clear. Applying agile methods to a small project is neat; applying agile methods to all your projects, even inside a working governance, is difficult. However, applying agile methods to all your projects without support, control and guidance is untidy and risky.

Go back to the sponsor for the Agile Transformation and confirm the benefits are still achievable inside the original estimate and with the planned resources. If this is still a viable project with achievable benefits inside agreed targets then the barriers to progress need to be removed.

Setup a crisis workshop with the key players in this conflict. Name them and get them all together. Bring your boxing gloves if needed. If any one of the key players refuses to attend, defers attendance, stalls or fails to show up at the workshop then begin the project disengagement process.


 Project Is Under Resourced     Project Is Under Resourced   Project Has Lack of Leadership    Project Has Lack of Leadership

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Project Is Stalled


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