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 Agile Project Governance Decisions  Agile Project Governance Decisions   Readiness Assessment   Readiness Assessment

Once you have established the Project Groups and governance responsibilities for the project you can turn your attention to the environment (Project Landscape) in which your project will operate. We said elsewhere in the Toolkit that Project governance is the set of arrangements within an organisation that assigns project responsibilities enables decision making and governs delivery of the organisational capital investments in business change projects. Well that is correct but we want to see now how this relates to our specific project. We want to see how this governance and management will work on this project. It will work either positively for, or negatively against, your project and it is vital that we get this information debated, understood, risk managed and overturned where and when possible.

To do this, we look at the capability of the organisation to establish and run the project. We look at the readiness of the organisation, the governance and the management to achieve a successful outcome to the project and we assess the suitability of this landscape to support the project. So, as you can see, there is quite a lot to do to understand and define the landscape. However do not get disheartened; it will be made easier and ultimately you will have achieved an important milestone. You will have started the transformation to enable your organisation to institute and administer high performance projects. This is a difficult trick to pull off, especially in large organisations. However, as we said earlier with the Toolkit, you are fearless. You ARE fearless? Now come out from under the desk, wipe your eyes, get some clean clothes and go the next chapter.


 Agile Project Governance Decisions     Agile Project Governance Decisions   Readiness Assessment    Readiness Assessment

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