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 Manage the Benefits  Manage the Benefits   Project Portfolio   Project Portfolio

We strongly advocate that organisations maintain detailed project management metrics on a project by project basis showing the original funding provided, the benefits offered and benefits realised. The database will take time to build up but will develop into a vital measure of project delivery successes as well as a benchmark for evaluating project management effectiveness and individual project performance.

There are arguments over the level of detail you will record but one area to consider is the current rate at which an organisation services its debt. The rate is the interest rate at which an organisation repays its loan finance or, in the case of banks, the interest lost or foregone by the bank in investing in projects rather than in the markets. For large multi million pound projects this alone can be a sizeable sum. As an organisation waits for its project benefits to arrive it continues to pay out interest on that debt and so projects which deliver some early benefits or can ensure the Benefits Realisation outcomes are delivered within the earliest schedule are more attractive.

In the Toolkit, we have techniques to deliver early benefits and techniques to ensure the Benefits Realisation outcomes are delivered within the earliest schedule. To see how we will ensure those benefits are established take a look at the Toolkit section Benefits Mining. For now let us examine the topic of the management of projects at the organisational level.


 Manage the Benefits     Manage the Benefits   Project Portfolio    Project Portfolio

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