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We recommend a plain and straightforward pipeline planning solution. A simple list of projects in a spreadsheet is the minimum needed and is fit for purpose. Beyond that the process to maintain the plan becomes more and more complex, labour intensive and counter productive. We have seen some spectacularly elaborate plans with interrelations and funding drops described in a fully searchable and queryable drill down format with graphs and links to databases and live intranets and the like. It is not needed. If you want to play, get yourself some cards. Now, let us get back to our plan.

Each project will have a title, start and end date, headcount numbers by month or week or whatever suits your organisation as well as amounts and dates when funding is expected. If you add totals by month then you have total resources and funding data for your organisational budget pipeline by calendar month. This is probably more than has been in place for all projects before.

In this way, you can see when you need most people and when you need most funds. It will also show when your project personnel are least busy and when your project fund demands decline. An adjustment to one or more projects will help to level out peaks and troughs in your funding and skills demand profile.

Adjustments are conducted with key management personnel involvement and are performed to support the project vision as well as the organisations short term and long term financial and resource objectives.

This is a very simple solution that puts you in control of your organisational pipeline budget, personnel demands as well as your change objectives whilst allowing you to manage, modify and deliver project outcomes. It demands an understanding of your organisation budget as well as an appreciation of the capability of your organisation to fund the projects at the time and up to the financial limits they require. It demands that an estimation process has taken place beforehand so that you have an idea of the level and extent of resources your organisation will need to commit to the venture.

So this is a good time to look at how we manage resources.


 Agile Project Pipeline     Agile Project Pipeline   Project RAG Status    Project RAG Status

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