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Now, let us look at how an organisation maps all the projects into an overall plan of delivery. This is characterised by the term Project Portfolio Management.

In Project Portfolio Management your organisation is seeking to prepare a map or plan of the projects that, for specific reasons, it wishes to deliver in a chosen time period, in our instance in the financial year. It does this by reviewing all projects in the Project Portfolio and creating a mix and a sequence of projects that will satisfy these delivery objectives.

It makes sure that the projects can truly be delivered in the proposed sequence bearing in mind project or programme dependencies and the requirements of the specific project. The project will have certain financial demands such as the amount of investment needed, the profile and frequency of payment for project funding. The project will also have a break even scenario based on the proposed benefits it plans will be realised. These financial demands will be compared against the financial capability of the organisation in order to match them.

Importantly, the organisation has access to limited headcount. If the organisation is planning an outsourced or shared sourcing arrangement then a number or value for the planned headcount of the extended resourcing contract is added to the organisational headcount for the purposes of Project Portfolio Management.

With a consideration of the availability of the required human resources at specific points in the project delivery calendar, sequencing of the projects can commence. This is done to establish which projects can be started first and which must wait for later in the year. Strategy plays a huge part in the sequencing process also.

If the organisation has strategic goals either financial, technical or objectives pertinent to its business type or classification these are important and are often time dependent too.

Where the objectives are of significant importance to the business we feel this is an ideal opportunity to share this information wider and specifically with the people responsible for realising the organisational and project objectives.


 Project Portfolio     Project Portfolio   Tell The Troops    Tell The Troops

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