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Do we need to do this, really? Well it is not correct to say you need to do this but in our experience you will benefit, if at some point, you can evidence that the organisational transformation to agile or the introduction of techniques to create high performance teams has positive measurable and accepted results. The history of successfully improving the Rag status is a simple effective way to ensure you can do this easily and swiftly.

Across the organisation, record the RAG status for all participating projects and swiftly you will get positive results such as these below from a recent investment banking customer.

Across the organisation, the real benefit of recording and demonstrating the RAG status history is that there is readily available and simple method to show the success of the overall change to a positive project delivery environment. Every project team member though feels a part of this success and we find that various team members will start to ask which the RED status projects are as they become rarer and more unusual.

This is a powerful graphic to take to your organisational status meeting demonstrating that the organisation is both more successful at delivering projects and more efficient, delivering an extra 45 projects in this example. You will notice that this client uses the term Cancelled instead of Disengaged for those halted projects which have their resources removed.

The other item of note about the graphs is that, although the white coloured sector for LIVE projects looks the same size in both cases, it is not. The number is larger by about 15% and demonstrates that you will be completing and delivering more project output into the live environment. In this way, you will be adding more value to the organisation in the process.

 Project RAG Status     Project RAG Status   Pipeline Project Sizes    Pipeline Project Sizes

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Project RAG Status History


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