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The key Pathfinder Project parameters are identified by the mnemonic CASC: criticality, architecture, size and commitment.

Project Criticality needs to be judged. If the project is deemed business critical or a legal requirement this can be of use to the project as it drives a more delivery focussed approach. The helpful aspects and benefits of this positive pressure however must be weighed against the added burden this will undoubtedly bring to the project team.

Revised or new target Architecture is often one of the objectives of a project. Agile projects are quite regularly thrown alongside or even directly amongst such detailed and involved technical analysis and development. This is not an ideal atmosphere for your Pathfinder agile project. It is possible; we have done them but they are a challenge, take focus of the team away from your singly targeted project, can be extremely hard work as well as punishing on the heart muscles. If your target architecture is established, agreed, installed, validated and proven this is more efficient. Consider this as your preferred project starting point.

The project Size needs to be of some substance without being massive. We would advice to select a Pathfinder Project that is estimated to be around 4-6 months in duration with 6-10 shipments. A smaller project is viewed as a simple challenge without the importance to demonstrate the significance to its successful delivery via an agile approach.

Senior management Commitment though is vital. The business or executive sponsor needs to be earnestly and comprehensively engaged with the project, pledged and committed to successful project outcomes and supportive of your project needs. The project outcomes are of benefit to the organisation but the sponsor must be willing these benefits to be achieved.

Prolonged discussions, about how a fast paced development may or may not align to the enduring sentence of a protracted technical infrastructure implementation, is not going to improve your projects capability to deliver value for money. Seek to avoid the complex coordination involved in such projects. Either run them as separate projects or wait until the architecture is bedded in before attempting your project and get a Commitment to that too. When you have managed to select the right project you will expend some effort to plan it.


 Beware Some Managers Bite     Beware Some Managers Bite   Stakeholders and Managers    Stakeholders and Managers

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Project Selection Parameters


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