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 Business driver Commitment  Business driver Commitment   Roles and responsibilities Commitment   Roles and responsibilities Commitment

The project sponsor is the final person responsible for the project and can demonstrate this responsibility to the entire project team.

do not let us get hung up about terminology. But what do we mean by business sponsor? The project sponsor is the person who instigated the business change. May be they own the budget or are responsible for delivering financial business benefits. If you have not got one; get one. If they do not like the title project sponsor choose a different term. But from now on although they and the project may prefer a different title, for the purposes of the Toolkit, we will call them a project sponsor.

The business sponsor is responsible for financial costs and benefits of the proposed project. The business sponsor is the person, or represents a group of people, who will get upset or mildly irked to say the least if they are told their project is going to be late or is going to be over budget. They are the person who will feel more than a little dented if their project benefits do not appear and do not get fed back to the organisations coffers.

What do we mean by final ownership? We mean that the business sponsor can show it is they who are in ultimate financial control of the whole project. They will demonstrate that they consider this project is very important and that they will provide involvement from all the personnel under their influence. Besides they will oversee and demand involvement from other teams when required and are able to demonstrate that they will escalate risks and issues off the project to higher organisational management as and when required.

So you need an Engagement Commitment Owner to own the project. They need to own the project and demonstrate they own it. We would suggest that they do this in a simple way.

Organize a swift meeting and invite all project participants to meet the proposed owner. Tell them "we own this project; we will do everything to make sure that this project delivers and we will do everything to make sure that you are able to help this project deliver". It depends on the level of open communication within your organisation but we humbly suggest that you also provide a swift escalation path through the project structure so that points of order can be resolved quickly without ceremony or lengthy internal protocol.

It is up to you and the openness you wish to introduce to your project whether you go as far as providing an openly offered and communicated e-mail address to which anyone can escalate issues. This release of openness in some environments can every now and then create some political upheaval and antagonism. But, to be fair, that is not always a bad thing. It takes some management to ensure that these issues are communicated to the right people but as long as that is in place there is no real reason to avoid this open route. So that is Business Driver and Project Ownership out of the way. We need now to get onto the often thorny issue of roles and responsibilities.


 Business driver Commitment     Business driver Commitment   Roles and responsibilities Commitment    Roles and responsibilities Commitment

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Project ownership Commitment


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