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Quality on your project using the Toolkit is checked every minute when you perform pair programming, every hour when you integrate and check in your latest build, every day when you attend the Daily Forum and every week when you perform an assessment.

This paragraph carries a very powerful message that agile projects do not disregard quality, quite the opposite. Agile projects offer quality assessment at every available opportunity.

You could probably organise more quality checks but offering them to occur every minute, every hour, every day, and every week is more than almost every other project. That validation of quality relates to build quality but we will assess release quality also.

Release quality inherits the increased build quality. Further quality checks are performed for every release to the assessment environment and quality checks for shipments as part of the emerging deployment.

You will very often experience conflicting comments about individual experience on other agile based projects. These comments are valid, of course. However, they will be taken into account alongside the fact that quality assessments are performed more regularly when you use the Toolkit. Show this section to any agile project quality doubters and, when they have read it and understood it, you can get back to the important work of delivering high quality projects.

What cannot be in question, when using the Toolkit, you validate and deliver quality every minute of your project. Of that, there is no doubt.


 The Project Quality     The Project Quality   Measurement of Quality    Measurement of Quality

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