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All projects depend upon and need genuine, timely, complete and appropriate motivations. However, we know that when we deal with people the identification of false or deceptive motivation can become vague and prove difficult to assess incontestably.

This is because it is automatic human behaviour to elect a cautious hesitant approach rather than instant confidence on a new project or venture.

It is not anticipated all team members will deliver exceptional service to the project and turn in personal-best performances, but it is expected they will attend, participate, offer added value and provide acceptable levels of Commitment defined or constrained by their contract of employment or contract to hire. So do not be surprised to see not every project team member is fully signed up to your project or its objectives and for whatever reason they may simply be stubbornly reluctant to contribute. One of the crucial responsibilities of a project manager is to build, motivate and lead teams.

These can be very testing challenges for the project manager or coach but time taken to uncover the issues and to repair broken motivations will provide much greater payback later on in the project.

We discuss the coaching capability to lead teams towards goals and objectives elsewhere in the Toolkit. For now we can say that cross skilling events are good method for this and are a unique way to gain an insight into the motivation of project individuals from another part of the team. If you see that negative feedback from an individuals cross skilling experiences coincides with your own view, then you have corroborative evidence to present to the team members performance review.

This is an opportunity to improve their performance and to engage with the team objectives or leave the team so it can find a more suitable candidate.

You may be offered a project team member who other teams have failed to motivate and who remains uninspired by previous challenges. We find these people can suddenly come to life on these types of project, gaining impetus and stimulation from the intrinsic release they experience when they are made a genuinely important part of a team, are kept fully informed about all major and minor project issues, are asked for their view and direct action as well as offered the opportunity to add skills and experiences rarely if ever offered before.

OK. We have looked at many management topics but, we know that agile projects take more than old fashioned command and control. The organisation may demand formal management information and statistics about our agile projects but the projects themselves demand softer skills. The most important of these is Coaching.

 Cross Skilling Breaks     Cross Skilling Breaks   Agile Coaching    Agile Coaching

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Repairing Broken Motivations


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