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 Stakeholders and Managers  Stakeholders and Managers   Stakeholder Analysis   Stakeholder Analysis

So, let us look at how you keep your stakeholders engaged with the project and ensure your stakeholder management is sewn up. First of all the stakeholders will be involved early. Get them involved in setting the original goals and objectives.

This way they are bought into the process from the beginning and will help you to ensure they recognise and actively support the success.

Get them involved in establishing the deliverables of the project, too. Again, there can be little doubt or debate concerning the quantity or extent of the deliverables if all your stakeholders are involved in establishing the rules for them from the outset.

Get suitable stakeholders involved in validating prototypes, assessing and testing shipments. Your stakeholders will confirm the deliverables and will be aware of project progress in between deliverables. This can be done by regular progress reports or e-mails but do not discount the genuine importance of face-to-face discussion.

Your Daily Forum is also open to all stakeholders as long as they understand they will have to contribute their answers too. This form of openness helps to support full engagement of your stakeholders.


 Stakeholders and Managers     Stakeholders and Managers   Stakeholder Analysis    Stakeholder Analysis

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