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During the Build and Fix as well as the Shipment stages you can expect to receive feedback not only during the assessments but also from your development peers and colleagues. This is important feedback and should be addressed professionally. The more you employ and promote test driven development, pair programming events, continuous integration and code patterns the less you will need individual code quality events such as code reviews.

The code review is not dead yet though and is a reliable alternative to pair programming. When you cannot perform one; then elect to perform the other. But try to perform at least one.

In the Toolkit the business are the arbiters of quality so our quality reviews by the business are the priority and these are accommodated within the assessments. Assessments are debated at length elsewhere in the Toolkit but we remember that, by using the Toolkit, we are reviewing quality all the time: during code review or pair programming, by continuous integration as the quality of our code interpretations are compared and combined with the code form our colleagues. Further more, we quality check when we share our work status at the Daily Forum and at each of the business assessments of shipments and of our developments. The quality assessment process starts at the beginning of the project with the first lines of code and continues throughout at every strategic point within the project.


 Build and Fix Processes     Build and Fix Processes   Report Progress    Report Progress

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