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Project management process has grown up markedly in its years of development. So, it is impolitic investment to dive into an apparently agile mix of assorted tangled management with radical miscellaneous couplings of disorganized creation and jaunty innovation. But then it goes beyond bravery for a large organisation to also wildly and defiantly ignore the manifestly sound and evidently proven elements of thoroughness, rigour and method. There is an honest middle ground between the old Rigour and the new Vigour.

You may cautiously agree, agree, disagree or even violently disagree with that appraisal of the current explosion of agile project management initiatives. Yet, this disorderly muddle is a reality we see all too often. However, it is a natural and expected response by managers faced with the demand to maintain the high output and intensifying progress their management and shareholders demand in an opposing climate of rapidly diminishing budgets and human resources.

The attraction of an immediate remedy offered by agile solutions is understandable. Though, the use of agile methods has been driven in this way all along by concentrating on core development methods and disciplines. Thus, it appears that less comprehensive agile methods are rebelliously paying scant attention to the very important wider project responsibilities such as change management and benefits realisation. It is vital though, as we progress new ways of delivery, we do not recklessly ditch accepted principles in favour of novel agile fanaticism. It is proven that success grows from the resilient application of learned wisdom not blind willingness.

The customers with the big challenges are large corporations and government organisations. They do not have this imaginary Utopian opportunity to merrily hack around in their own isolated idealized eco-system.

What they need is a workable mix of management processes. These management processes must offer the rigour evident in long standing governance that demonstrate the checks and balances necessary for delivery, accuracy and project assurance. Based on the current financial challenges, though, this ideal mix must be combined with the beneficial vigour of flexible agile activities with guaranteed delivery performance.

We have seen that agile will deliver what we want and when we want it. However, we need to do this by deploying strict resources with precision. In the Toolkit we have combined these two distinct approaches in a unique way. It offers an effective project lifecycle, governance structure, management procedures and quality checkpoints that ensure your projects deliver what you want, when you want and deliver this within defined resource boundaries. However, importantly, it achieves this in a professionally managed project approach that allows you to deliver these same projects with accuracy, imagination, authenticity, confidence, leadership as well as with style and accomplishment.


 Naked Agile Revealed     Naked Agile Revealed   Leadership    Leadership

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Rigour and Vigour


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