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We advise that you run a risk workshop, a workshop to uncover risks, early in your project or before it starts. One workshop technique is to perform a post-mortem on the project, not after the project has delivered, but before the project starts. In the post-mortem you visualise that the project has come to an unwelcome end and has not delivered. You get your team members to visualise this undesirable eventuality and imagine why it might have happened, as you go around the room asking for explanations. This is a useful technique to uncover hidden risks or reasons why a project may fail, well before it actually does. It is also a way to uncover the possible doubters and fifth columnists on a project, those who are intent on disruption and chaos.

It is their opportunity to tell you why they think the project is a good or a bad idea and join or leave the party. By attending and being a willing participant in the post-mortem they will have little or no excuse for withholding a project risk they alone were privy to.


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Risk Workshop


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