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 Fancy A Game of Cards  Fancy A Game of Cards   Key Roles and Responsibilities   Key Roles and Responsibilities

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To deliver a successful project, we need a whole series of specific and specialised roles and responsibilities (R&R) covered and in place at the start of a project as well as other roles that will be introduced to the project at points across the project duration. One of the projects central Commitments is the agreement to key R&R by the end of the Survey phase.

Within the Toolkit we have the key R&R Commitment which defines the overarching accountability of an individual or group to ensure the project has cover for the key roles that are needed and who is responsible for making sure the role individuals are in place. They will also be a point of escalation in situations where role conflict, insufficient, unsuitable or missing roles occur.

In our context the term roles and responsibilities covers those skills and activities assigned to and required of a person or associated group of people. They include Business, Technical and Managerial roles. Let us see the key R&R then the various role groups.


 Fancy A Game of Cards     Fancy A Game of Cards   Key Roles and Responsibilities    Key Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles and responsibilities


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