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 Project ownership Commitment  Project ownership Commitment   Business working Commitment   Business working Commitment

All key roles and responsibilities are covered and in place before the end of Survey phase.

Key roles and responsibilities required are listed elsewhere. What we are trying to establish is that all key roles and responsibilities are covered and in place at the start of the project. We may be able to start without all developers in place but there should be enough to start developing. We should not start without a project manager or team leader or Scrum Master.

Remember a person can perform more than one role but it must be physically possible to perform both roles in parallel on this project. do not be tempted to bend the statements just to ensure that your project progresses. It is simple to demonstrate at the end of the project what the position of the project was at the outset.

One of the key responsibilities is RAID Log owner. You will demand a series of Commitments from the RAID Log owner. You will demand that they are the default owner of a risk. This means that, if you cannot identify an owner of a risk, they automatically become the owner.

They will also be required to attend a daily RAID Log review. This takes place straight after the Daily Forum. Naturally, time pressures dictate that meetings sometimes get cancelled. The daily RAID Log review, however, is an important meeting that we cancel only in extreme circumstances. It only takes a few moments and is worth the effort, certainly.

For this reason, we have a daily RAID Log review consolation threshold. This threshold is set at the project start in collaboration between the project manager and RAID Log owner. You might say, for example, that the threshold is set to 6 meetings. This means that you will cancel no more than six RAID Log review meetings across the length of the whole project. The project manager monitors the threshold and informs the RAID Log owner if cancellation frequencies increase or the number of cancellations nears the number of the threshold. This is a monitoring process that of course can be easily automated but needs to be performed regardless. Now let us look at Commitment number four: business working.


 Project ownership Commitment     Project ownership Commitment   Business working Commitment    Business working Commitment

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Roles and responsibilities Commitment


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