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SCRUM-ban, is another agile method and it is simply named by the concatenation of Kanban and Scrum. If you believe in the use of clever marketing tricks or share the fervour for the latest blend of agile then this is probably not getting too silly for you now.

Bowing to the knowledge of SCRUM-ban agilistas who will willingly share their support of said method, we refer you to the first part of the explanation of SCRUM-ban in WikiPedia.
Scrum-ban is a software production model based on Scrum and Kanban, especially suited to projects with frequent unexpected user stories or programming errors.

Now, maybe we are missing the point here. This could be true but we are failing to understand how do you have frequent unexpected errors and manage to choose a method to fit this unexpected circumstance beforehand? The unexpected is exactly that - it happens unexpectedly and you did not expect it. It occurs without warning or the opportunity for appropriate planning.

You could ask the question - how do you know you are going to get unexpected errors or you could ask the question - how are you going to FIND a project that DOES NOT get unexpected errors? The unexpected has the opportunities of surprise and mystery.

However, although the unexpected always takes place it does not always have a detrimental effect. The unexpected can have positive benefits too. Look, SCRUM-ban might be exactly what you want? Try it. But if you are worried, start to consider the worst thing that can happen on your project. The Big Agile Toolkit suggests taking a pre-project post mortem of your project with key stakeholders. Use this technique to minimize the unexpected and document them as possible risks. Manage the risks as part of your Daily Forum meeting, which we will go through in much more detail later, and the unexpected is managed. You do not need a whole one off tailored agile approach to incorporate risk management into your project.

The choice of agile development method is once more up to you and if you like Kanban and you like SCRUM then this seems to be a nice mix of the two. The governance structure of The Big Agile Toolkit will accommodate and extend the SCRUM-ban method to provide robust governance to your organisations projects. Please feel free to comment and provide your feedback below.


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