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This is a scope management technique in the Toolkit which takes advantage of the practice or opportunity to get extra functionality for free. This occurs deep inside the development and tends to occur when the teams are performing solution assessments. Simple database changes as well as summary validation and interface adjustments and (lets face it) lots more of very straightforward stuff can be simply added to a solution by almost effortless switching of XML, CSS files, development software options and lots more. This can be achieved even during your solution assessments and your project team should take the opportunity to trial different solution outcomes with the business. Sharing the simplicity of certain development tasks does not demean the more complex work we all do as developers. Importantly, once a team can see that you are willing to deliver swift results without ceremony and without a wish to embellish or exaggerate the complexity of technical development this will help to reduce the incidence of contrivance, pomposity, concealment and disingenuity across the project. More open directness breeds more direct openness.


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