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This is a scope management technique in the Toolkit which takes advantage of estimating cautiousness. We all suffer from this especially when we estimate something new or a new subject or practice. Our natural uncertainty degrades our usual precision so we tend to over compensate as well as add extra contingency days. Ultimately, we derive a higher estimate. Where an organisation has agreed an estimate and appropriate budget has been allocated to the project we have the opportunity to either return that budget back to organisational funds or to utilise the budget for added functionality. We have experience of both scenarios and have delivered projects that afforded us the unreserved pleasure to deliver a solution to a client 25% under budget. This was suitably returned to the organisational project funding budget to go on to deliver more solutions for the (in this instance) government organisation. The other opportunity is to utilise the budget to afford new functionality and new features. This involves using the added finance to fund project resources to fulfil new developments either by extending the length of the project with an extra post normal delivery phase or by adding extra resources to the value of the additional finance to the existing plan. It is the responsibility of the Project Sponsor as owner of the project budget to settle on the preferred approach to utilising this extra financial resource. It is incumbent upon the project manager to inform of this opportunity and to cost out the various options for added functionality. Finally it is incumbent upon the business team leader to propose and outline possible new functionality and new features. Everyone plays an important role to decide. In this, we are backing more project resource or getting more project resource back. Finally, the scope creep, scope seep, scope reap and scope cheap give you a neat treat and a clean sweep to stop all your scope weep. Right we have milked that rhyme into a deep sleep.

Once we satisfactorily complete the process to define and communicate the scope we will seek the consensus of the project to the project scope by submitting the definition of our scope within the change proposal for approval by the change board and for ultimate sign off by the business. We documented some scope myths elsewhere in the Toolkit. Now, let us look at our strategy.


 Scope Cheap     Scope Cheap   Deliver Agile Change    Deliver Agile Change

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