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Smoke testing is traditionally performed when you first assemble a set of products or when significant repair has been needed to a shipment. As the name suggests, Smoke testing only seeks to confirm that a product hangs together without immediate, catastrophic failure. Consequently, Smoke testing demands that you integrate the various components of the product and test it as a unit. In the Toolkit, we strongly suggest that you use the process of continuous integration and therefore, whenever you test a product, you are performing Smoke testing, as a matter of fact. As you are continuously integrating, you are combining the various components of the product. So, all appraisals of the combined product are by their very nature smoke tests and we are going to smoke test throughout the project.

Remember, however, Smoke testing only verifies that the last build of the shipment and the last integration of the shipment components, hangs together without catching fire. Fire, in this instance, is purely a metaphor for a very visible and instant problem. So, it is best to run your Smoke testing immediately after your latest continuous integration. This is yet another area ideally suited to cost savings from the utilisation of test automation.


 Regression testing     Regression testing   Performance testing    Performance testing

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