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 DELIVER Release Introduction  DELIVER Release Introduction   Environments   Environments

We perform a series of assessments on the solution, or part of the solution, as it is being developed and when it leaves the development environment. The assessments during the development are conducted in business-development pairings and during demonstrations of the emerging solution. These are conducted within development and release environments before developments become signed off developments, releases become signed off releases and are prepared to be deployable releases, shipments and subsequently become part of the emerging solution.

They are performed for the purposes of quality control and for peer review. Often they are performed amongst a small combined team of developers and business with a projector and at least a blank wall to project onto. We have known these to be termed show and tell sessions and are swift presentations of the work each development team member has ready and prepared for solution assessment. We traditionally ask the developer to dry run the demo with selected data and by using a specific proven route through the solution, if senior business members or managers are present at the demo. This is done to minimise on screen error which could generate derogatory feedback virally back into the business and serves to disparage the latest solution, the approach and the team. This approach to seek satisfactory balance between good and positive feedback can be difficult to achieve especially when you perform a demo, with your business team, to uncover a hidden latent fault inside a solution.

Avoiding those fault-finding comments when you are trying to finding a fault can be tricky.

Using the Toolkit, the only time a solution leaves the development environment is as part of a shipment. Shipments are assessed for release stability. The Solution Assessments are performed by the team who built the shipment, the business, the testing team and the release team. Solution Assessments are done in organised or ad hoc group meeting outside workshop rules and without facilitation. If you find the Solution Assessments are becoming undisciplined or failing to support an open demonstration of the solution with genuine and positive feedback, then consider adding a facilitator for the next sessions to regain the focus.

This way, if you find a project is loosing focus, going beyond Commitment, taking too long or the Solution Assessments are inefficient then you bring in workshop facilitation and rules to the assessments. This will remedy it and manage its time and personnel more efficiently.


 DELIVER Release Introduction     DELIVER Release Introduction   Environments    Environments

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