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 Retain Stakeholder Involvement  Retain Stakeholder Involvement   RACI matrix   RACI matrix

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You will carry out a comprehensive stakeholder analysis before you perform the stakeholder engagement. Stakeholder analysis is the process where you find out who your stakeholders are and what is their motivation and involvement.

You will generate a list of all your stakeholders and group them if you need to record that information.

What you will do now is understand their motivation. You will understand why they want to be involved in the project and what helps their participation.

Conversely, you will learn the barriers to their involvement and their sponsorship in, or bias towards, any rival group or competing project.

These stakeholders may as a group or individually harbour genuine or perceived concerns over the project and it is wise to uncover these issues early.

Performing a project post-mortem early in the project is a great opportunity to unearth potential conflicts and problems.

We discuss this elsewhere in the Toolkit. Now, you will determine what role your various stakeholders play within the project using the RACI matrix.


 Retain Stakeholder Involvement     Retain Stakeholder Involvement   RACI matrix    RACI matrix

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Stakeholder Analysis


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