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 Lifecycle Localisation  Lifecycle Localisation   Tactical Agile transformation   Tactical Agile transformation

You could perform a transformation prior to delivering or setting out on your project as we described in the strategic approach to agile transformation. However this can be a difficult challenge to sell to your board, senior management or business sponsor. By establishing the landscape prior to commencing the project you will uncover many of the organisational, procedural and typical contradictions between delivering projects in this way and in the way it has been done in the past. These always generate debate, discussion and raised activity.

Almost universally though, in our experience, it is not the typical and observable challenges that threaten a project, it is more often the ones that you find and uncover along the way.

However, many organisations choose to perform a transformation of Lifecycle processes prior to delivering their new projects in agile ways. This involves significant bravery on behalf of the senior management as they will have prior convictions about the efficacy of the new methods to be deployed and the likely benefits to be realised before any work has started.

The transformation is a project in its own right and uniquely among projects almost never provides any immediate benefit that can be quantified. Its benefits are only realised when the first project and subsequent projects are delivered prior to the Third Fix Localisation.

This is very like a technical infrastructure project which has to be delivered prior to projects that in turn demand its technical components. The subtle difference is that the technical infrastructure project will be delivering some benefits by allowing the decommissioning of redundant infrastructure. If your organisation has decided that its Lifecycle is redundant and needs replacing this, of course, is a different matter and a great opportunity.

What you are seeking to achieve through the agile transformation is that you will uncover and document the positive and negatives elements of your organisation as they relate to the project delivery processes. Going through your lifecycle and in concert with key stakeholders in the organisation you will identify and incorporate positive best practices and realistic opportunities as they arise.

You will take best of breed processes and advice from the agile project delivery industry and remove the process and waste involved in the negative project experiences. You will remove process that repeatedly creates and promotes error and other bad practices. Finally, you will identify and repair poor project team and poor project team member performance as well as picking out and unblocking process bottlenecks across the organisation.

After the process is complete you will have a much deeper and more accurate understanding of the true operation of your project delivery process end to end and from top to bottom but you also have created a smoother more performance focussed set of processes to take your projects into a faster paced, more efficient and empowered commercial ecosystem.

In this instance, start with the Toolkit lifecycle as the basis for the First Fix and expand on it.

 Lifecycle Localisation     Lifecycle Localisation   Tactical Agile transformation    Tactical Agile transformation

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