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 Other Agile Methods and Techniques  Other Agile Methods and Techniques   From Strategy To Delivery   From Strategy To Delivery

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If you seek to build high performance teams you will do things differently. You will operate and interface differently and manage the process differently too.

Your objective is to deliver the primary objectives of the project. You will do this by realigning the target and the focus of the team directly onto these primary objectives. You will remind the team of this focus on a regular basis and deal with any issue that threatens this target swiftly. You will amass all available resources to ensure no influences either internal or external adversely affect your project. Ideally, you will seek experienced team personnel who can work well in agile techniques or those individuals who can work in an active and responsive environment. You will seek to avoid complexity and keep it simple. You will concern yourself less with actual numbers, more with the trend your project is taking and more with the bigger picture of the whole delivery.

You will be less dogmatic and more pragmatic, less exacting and more empirical, more right brain and less left brain. Left brain concentrates on logic, details, facts and practicalities while right brain concentrates on feeling, big picture, imagination and images. Significant research has been done into this subject but this is not the topic of the Toolkit. Incidentally, you will be prepared to relinquish some control of the project when the team are able to manage themselves internally better. This latter capability is one of the most difficult for an experienced manager to perform, as it flies against his or her automatic principles and the natural law of management command and control.

The real topic is how your organisation converts strategies to real world deliveries and the Toolkit presents this in an easy to use, fit for purpose manner that works and works well. Remember we said that the Toolkit provides a governance structure to guide your project from strategy to delivery and onto realised benefits. The Toolkit forms this structure in those two distinct sections and offers the governance model in this simple and easily identifiable manner.

These are From Strategy To Delivery and From Delivery To Benefits.

The 2nd section is a very straightforward, though often missed, procedure and is covered in the Toolkit section which deals with how you get from delivery to benefits called Benefits Mining. So, Let us look at the 1st part: From Strategy To Delivery.


 Other Agile Methods and Techniques     Other Agile Methods and Techniques   From Strategy To Delivery    From Strategy To Delivery

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