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 Fit for purpose Commitment  Fit for purpose Commitment   Project timescale Commitment   Project timescale Commitment

The project team will satisfy the target budget demands of the project.

Your team will be clearly regularly reminded we are trying to deliver a project to budget. We are not trying to build deliverables with a high gloss finish or create fancy desirable products outside the business driver. We will build what we said we will build and we will test what we said we will test. All this effort was estimated and will be delivered within the budget.

Why would we wish to deliver anything more? If as the projects progress we determine that our estimation was overambitious we will do a swift replanning exercise and we discuss this in our section on Contrast to Waterfall. If our estimation was overcautious and has allowed us the opportunity to do more there are mechanisms within the Toolkit to permit the project to use this surplus budget. If we get scope creep, scope seep, scope cheap or scope reap we have techniques to handle that too.

While fit for purpose is the primary assessment of acceptability for deliverables, our primary success measurement for the project will be that we have delivered the project to budget. We ensure this success measurement is valid by certifying that we are still aiming towards our agreed benefits and are on target to deliver them within the time and budget remaining. Now let us look at the time commitment.


 Fit for purpose Commitment     Fit for purpose Commitment   Project timescale Commitment    Project timescale Commitment

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Success measurement Commitment


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