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The Big Agile Toolkit: no Dogma, no Bias, no Accreditation, no Exams & no Fees   
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Welcome         »   Table of Contents

             Front Cover 
             Table of Contents 
             Agile Governance Gap 
             Problem and Solution 
             Project Celebration 
             Celebration Announcement 
             Introduction to Agile 
             Contrast to Waterfall 
             Empowerment versus Control 
             Welcoming Change 
             Agile in 6 steps 
        Agile Flavours 
             Agile Approaches 
             Rational Unified Process 
             eXtreme Programming 
             Six Sigma 
             Test driven development TDD 
             Behaviour Driven Development BDD and Domain Driven Design DDD 
             Other Agile Methods and Techniques 
             Strategy To Benefits 
             From Strategy To Delivery 
             Your Strategy 
             Your Scope 
             Your Budget 
             Your Costs 
             Your Quality 
             Your Estimates 
             Your People 
             Your Risks 
             Your Planning 
        Project Management 
             Agile Project Management 
             A very short history 
             A very current challenge 
             Agile Jobs Explosion 
             Naked Agile Revealed 
             Rigour and Vigour 
             Solving Problems 
             Build the Team 
             Optimum Agile Teams 
             The Agile Team Ethos 
             Building the Agile Team Ethos 
             Monitoring the Team 
             Behaviour Courtesy 
             Knowledge transfer 
             Management Information 
             Agile and Account Management 
             Agile and the PMO 
             Agile and the Customer 
             Stakeholder management 
             Cross Skilling Breaks 
             Repairing Broken Motivations 
             Agile Coaching 
             Coaching the Paris Method 
             Coaching Events and Styles 
             Agile Project Experience Measurement APEx 
             Inexperienced Teams 
             Teams with Some Experience 
             Very Experienced Teams 
             Organisational Change 
             Change Management Principles 
             Change the Paris Method 
             Change Control Is Dead 
             Change Control Requests Are Dead 
             Change Control Plans Are Dead 
             Manage Resources 
             The Project Money 
             Fund the Project 
             Project Funding Cycle 
             Project Funds Allocation 
             Funding Pool 
             Cost Centres 
             Project Funds Management 
             Monitor the Project Spend 
             Project Funds Data Reporting 
             Project Profitability and ROI 
             Project Break Even Analysis 
             Management of cost 
             Project Measurement 
             Measurement of Cost 
             Agile Information Economics 
             Activity Based Costing 
             Agile Cost Measurement Rules 
             Cost data collection 
             Better Estimates 
             Background to Agile Estimating 
             Estimating What and When 
             Estimating techniques 
             Parallel Estimation 
             Parallel Conversant Estimation 
             Parallel Empirical Estimation 
             Breakdown Estimation 
             Estimation Prototyping 
             Planning Poker Estimating 
             Wideband Delphi Estimating 
             Incremental Estimating 
             Estimate Management 
             The Project Quality 
             Quality Every Minute 
             Measurement of Quality 
             Management of quality 
             Agile and Development Standards 
             Agile and Deliverable Quality 
             Agile and Deliverable Features 
             Agile and Identifying Waste 
             Agile and Evaluating Waste 
             Agile and Removing Waste 
             Agile and Independent Testing 
             Agile and Achievement 
             The Project Time 
             Measurement of Time 
             Management of time 
             Gold Card days 
             Project Plans 
             Setup Plan 
             Delivery Plan 
             Release Plan 
             Training Plan 
             Project Planning 
             Agile Planning In A Paragraph 
             Planning and Re-planning 
             Dont Look Back 
             Agile and a Simple Plan 
             Organisational Planning and Funding 
             Strategy Alignment 
             Business Case is Dead 
             Economic and other feasibility 
             Manage the Benefits 
             Project Management Benefit Metrics 
             Project Portfolio 
             Project Portfolio Management PPM 
             Tell The Troops 
             Building Your Pipeline 
             Agile Project Pipeline 
             Project Pipeline Plan 
             Project RAG Status 
             Project RAG Status History 
             Pipeline Project Sizes 
             Manage the Pipeline 
             Delivering Concurrent Projects 
             Agile Projects 
             What is an Agile Transformation 
             What is an Operating Model 
             What is a Project 
             What is a Programme 
             Choose the project 
             Beware Some Managers Bite 
             Project Selection Parameters 
             Stakeholders and Managers 
             Retain Stakeholder Involvement 
             Stakeholder Analysis 
             RACI matrix 
             PUSH User Groups 
             Project Management Summary 
             Delivery Options 
             Business Process Outsourcing 
             Outsourced Project Delivery 
             Outsourced Project Procurement 
             Outsourced Project Procurement Example 
             Outsourced Project Delivery Contracts 
             Outsourced Project Delivery People 
             Outsourced Project Delivery Management 
             Outsourced Project Delivery Quality 
             Outsourced Project Delivery Acceptance 
             Fixed price contract 
             Time and materials contract 
             Capped Time and Materials CTAM 
             Capped Rates 
             Capped Time 
             Capped Mark-Up 
             Outsourcing Contract Negotiation 
             Contract Disengagement 
             Agile Outsourcing Challenges 
        Agile Transformation 
             Successful Agile Transformation 
             Agile transformation Capacity Threshold 
             Agile transformation planning 
             Unleashing Empowerment 
             Overcoming Barriers to Agile 
             Lifecycle Localisation 
             Strategic Agile Transformation 
             Tactical Agile transformation 
        Agile Transformation Failure 
             Avoid Agile Transformation failure 
             Project Is Under Resourced 
             Project Is Stalled 
             Project Has Lack of Leadership 
             Transformation Has Uninterested Sponsor 
             Transformation Initiatives Are Ignored 
             Agile transformation Implementation 
             Projectivity Productivity for Projects 
             The Projectivity Index 
        Agile Lifecycle 
             Agile Lifecycle Introduction 
             Agile Lifecycle Overview 
             SETUP and DELIVER 
        Scope Management 
             Scope Creep 
             Scope Seep 
             Scope Cheap 
             Scope Reap 
             Deliver Agile Change 
             Types of Change 
             Small Change Process 
             Small Change Request 
             Change request evaluation 
             Change Board 
             Change request evaluation process 
             SETUP Introduction 
             SETUP Define 
             SETUP Survey 
             Confirmed Benefits 
             Refined High Level Costs 
             User Requirements 
             Prioritising Requirements 
             Outside-In Software Development 
             User Requirements and Shipments 
             User Requirements and Stories 
             User Story Capture 
             Capture in workshop 
             User Stories 
             Prioritised Story Board 
             User Story Changes 
             DELIVER Introduction 
             DELIVER Develop 
             Build and fix 
             Build and Fix List 
             Defects and Repairs 
             Build and Fix Example 
             Minimum Acceptable Delivery 
             Build and Fix Processes 
             Review Quality 
             Report Progress 
             Burndown Charts 
             Daily Forum 
             Daily Forum Facilities 
             Daily Forum Issues 
             Daily Forum Attendance 
             Daily Forum Process 
             What have I completed 
             What am I doing today 
             Have I new risks or issues 
             Daily Forum procedure 
             Psychological group dynamic 
             Unsolvable Conflict 
             RAID Log Review 
             Version Control 
             Branching Assessment 
             Continuous integration 
             Continuous integration Build Status 
             eXtreme Feedback Devices XFD 
        Agile Testing 
             Testing Introduction 
             Testing on Agile Projects 
             Testing quality definition and quality acceptance 
             V Model testing 
             Testing strategy 
             Test strategy document 
             Testing responsibilities 
             Testing Approach 
             Types of testing 
             Unit testing 
             Acceptance testing 
             Automated testing 
             Automated Testing Tools 
             Regression testing 
             Smoke testing 
             Performance testing 
             Stress testing 
             Penetration testing 
             Integration testing 
             System testing 
             Pilot testing 
             Non-functional testing 
             Agile testing 
        DELIVER Release 
             DELIVER Release Introduction 
             Solution Assessments 
             Package Selection 
             Shipment planning 
             Benefits Mining 
             Project Benefits Review 
             Release management 
        DELIVER Run 
             DELIVER Run Introduction 
             Deployment Stability 
             Service Introduction 
             Service Definition 
             Post Delivery Warranties 
             Post Delivery Review 
             Emergency Incident Management 
        Agile Techniques 
             Techniques Introduction 
             Time box management 
             Prioritised Delivery 
             Just-in-Time JIT Development 
        Risk Management 
             Agile Risk Management 
             Project Risks 
             RAID and the Daily Forum 
             RAID Log Maintenance 
             RAID Log RAG Status 
             Risk Workshop 
             Manage the Risks 
             Manage the Incidents 
        Facilitated workshops 
             Agile Facilitated workshops 
             Setup Planning Workshop 
             User Requirements Workshop 
             Delivery Planning Workshop 
             Release Planning Workshop 
             What are facilitated workshops 
             Workshop roles and responsibilities 
             Workshop preparation 
             Workshop objectives 
             Workshop deliverables 
             Management Commitment 
             Workshop participants 
             Workshop briefing document 
             Preparing workshop participants 
             Workshop ground rules 
             Workshop familiarisation 
             Workshop logistics 
             Workshop room Layout 
             Workshop room Logistics 
             Who is accountable 
             Workshop agenda 
             Facilitation skills 
             Active listening 
             Facilitation techniques 
             Practical techniques 
             Root Cause Analysis 
             Problem people 
             Iterative Modelling 
             Tracer and Spike 
        Project Governance 
             Agile Project Governance 
             Agile Project Governance GRID 
             Agile Project Governance Groups 
             Agile Project Governance Roles 
             Agile Project Governance Information 
             Agile Project Governance Decisions 
        Project Environment 
             Project Landscape 
             Readiness Assessment 
             Anonymous Declaration 
             Readiness Responses 
             Readiness Response Experiences 
             Readiness Declaration Objective 
             Quantifying Readiness Responses 
             Readiness Quotient 
             Readiness Quotient Comparison 
             Expanding the Readiness Responses 
             Crouch Touch Pause Engage 
             Engagement Commitment 
             Readiness and Commitment 
             Engagement Commitment Owner 
             Engagement Commitment Maintenance 
             Agile Project Commitments 
             Business driver Commitment 
             Project ownership Commitment 
             Roles and responsibilities Commitment 
             Business working Commitment 
             Technical working Commitment 
             Fit for purpose Commitment 
             Success measurement Commitment 
             Project timescale Commitment 
             Requirements Management Commitment 
             Collaboration Commitment 
             Sign off Commitment 
             Delivery Commitment 
             Disengagement Commitment 
             Toolkit Commitment 
             Commitment Failure 
             Project Disengagement 
             Disengagement Interval DI 
             Fancy A Game of Cards 
             Roles and responsibilities 
             Key Roles and Responsibilities 
             Business Roles 
             RAID Log owner 
             Technical Roles 
             Release Manager 
             Management Roles 
             Project manager 
             Project Signoff 
             Auditing Agile Projects 
             Agile Project Benchmarks 
        Agile Conclusion 
             Agile Conclusion 
             Why Transition 
             Why Transition to Agile Now 
             Why Agile 
             Why Now 
             The Positives 
             Silver Bullet 
             The Myths and Misconceptions 
             My agile approach -fill in name of approach- is best 
             Agile iterations are too short 
             Large companies dont do agile 
             Distributed development teams dont do agile 
             We manage tight in waterfall 
             Agile projects are only small 
             Agile people have special powers 
             Agile methods dont mix 
             Agile is just Projects by Postcards 
             You need loads of training to do Agile 
             Agile is a just standing up in groups 
             Agile has no requirements gathering 
             Scope is not important in Agile 
             Waterfall Scope is the same 
             Agile projects have no scope 
             Agile projects are just managed scope creep 
             Agile is the Communist Union for Developers 
             Agile is just for programmers 
             Agile is just religion with a little science 
             Agile is just doing stuff fast 
             All projects are a shambles 
             Agile sucks 
        Toolkit Glossary 
             Agile Glossary 
        Toolkit Resources 
             Instant Agile 
             The Finale 
             The Toolkit On A Page 

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