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 Business working Commitment  Business working Commitment   Fit for purpose Commitment   Fit for purpose Commitment

The technical team will satisfy the technical working demands of the project.

You need people who are able to progress and develop your solution as part of your project. These people should not be impacted by their business-as-usual roles and should be free to dedicate concentrated effort to your project. They should be knowledgeable, empowered and experienced and they should not be moved off or loaned to other projects.

Your technical development team will be able to decide for themselves whether a particular technical approach, design decision, development tool or other decision is the correct route and be able to resolve matters similarly as other challenges arise. They will be able to fulfil this responsibility without need to frequently or reverentially consult peers or management. Furthermore, the application development environment (ADE), operational architecture, toolset, tooling architecture, development environment and development standards need to be agreed prior to the project and to be flexible enough to accommodate this Commitment.

The rules for the technical team Commitment are exactly the same as for the business team Commitment. Set a distinct Failure To Assist threshold, record events and manage tightly.


 Business working Commitment     Business working Commitment   Fit for purpose Commitment    Fit for purpose Commitment

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Technical working Commitment


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