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 Six Sigma  Six Sigma   Behaviour Driven Development BDD and Domain Driven Design DDD   Behaviour Driven Development BDD and Domain Driven Design DDD

It is a misconception that all agile developments require test driven development (TDD). We have seen written that true agile development uses a test driven development approach". This is not true, at all. You can deliver an agile project without test driven development and you can use test driven development in a waterfall project. It is a way of working to facilitate the identification of tests and to uncover any design error. It is not a mandatory precursor to delivering in an agile fashion.

We do not intend to offer a full deconstruction of test driven development inside the Toolkit. It is not our objective and is widely documented elsewhere.

However, it is worth saying that if you have worked on a project where a developer has written a test harness without a GUI to access data and deliver an automated result, you have probably already seen test driven development in action. Certainly if this was used to drive design and to elicit business and technical feedback, you almost certainly have seen it already. Almost any search of the web for TDD will give a decent overview and incorporating this into the overall agile package is simple enough.

Test driven development offers great benefits to the developer and to the customer. It offers them a technique to explore the concepts behind the customers requirements, questioning that requirement and uncovering likely pitfalls. The developer can deliver these benefits without spending (and probably wasting) valuable time building and perfecting a graphical user interface.


 Six Sigma     Six Sigma   Behaviour Driven Development BDD and Domain Driven Design DDD    Behaviour Driven Development BDD and Domain Driven Design DDD

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