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 Testing Introduction  Testing Introduction   Testing quality definition and quality acceptance   Testing quality definition and quality acceptance

In agile testing, we change the emphasis involved in the management of testing. Everything that can be reviewed and shipped is going to be tested. But the testing team is not made to wait around for signed off development documentation or whatever; the team gets started on testable products immediately. Let us look at the change of role of the testing teams.

In the conventional project arrangement, testers are operating as the guardians of the Run environment. It is the responsibility of testers to ensure that valid output and quality finish is achieved before releasing into the live environment. This is an important responsibility often missed in other agile methodologies. In the Toolkit, we maintain reliance on the testing team whilst removing the wasteful processes of waterfall methodologies and introducing the benefits of agile testing.

In agile testing, we change the emphasis involved in the guardianship of quality. Quality was owned by the testing team. Now, quality is owned by the business team. The emphasis has shifted. This can be a very difficult transformation for test team members and for test team managers. However, it is a transformation that relinquishes certain responsibilities whilst it accepts certain others.

The responsibility for quality goes but the responsibility for defining acceptance is gained. The business team will define what is acceptable in terms of a fit for purpose business deliverable; the testing team will assist that process using their skills and experience to support the business team and help them decide on test results suitability.

The test team may accept or deny this reality; even so a transformation will be achieved. It is fundamental to the successful delivery of your project and, in our experience, we find that the testing team members adjust and rise to the changed responsibilities and appreciate the benefits of this approach on their agile projects.

So, we say that the emphasis for validating the quality of our output has shifted across to the business team. So, let us all now look at what this means.


 Testing Introduction     Testing Introduction   Testing quality definition and quality acceptance    Testing quality definition and quality acceptance

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