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 V Model testing  V Model testing   Test strategy document   Test strategy document

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The tester acts as a catalyst to kick off the testing process, provide advice on the breadth of testing possibilities as well as the testing success and failure opportunities. The business team may have never had this responsibility before and will need expert guidance. The tester needs to learn and develop their skills in inaugurating an agile testing process. The testing team will need to establish the testing ground rules, set up testing environments and data, set up automated testing tools and run (and report on) the actual tests. All this needs to be understood and documented so the testing team will know their responsibilities for the delivery and for each shipment. This information is stored in the test strategy document.

Oh yes, friends, we have an agile process that demands a test strategy!

Did we say that testing is fundamental? Well it is. Testing is radically altered in this process. You begin testing as soon as the assessment deliverables appear. So, it is obvious that some groundwork in the area of testing needs to be performed early on. A testing strategy is the best place to record that information and the best mechanism to communicate it.


 V Model testing     V Model testing   Test strategy document    Test strategy document

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