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The Toolkit does not demand that everyone is fully supportive of your proposals for change. It does, however, demand that those people who sign up to their Commitments, deliver in line with their Commitments. If they move away from their Commitments, you have the project detachment (Disengagement) methods as well as your persuasive demeanour to repair the problem.

You will support those who support you, by giving them as much information as you can, as soon as you can. You will remove those who oppose you if you are unable to minimise their concerns by meeting them and talking through their doubts and concerns, with sincerity.

The Toolkit works. It delivers agile transformation and agile projects. It is a governance model to fit most organisational hierarchy scenarios but being agile means accepting change and being flexible enough to accommodate it too.

The Toolkit is a great opportunity to use and deploy agile best practice but also to adapt your agile approach and your organisational delivery methods, more efficiently and for ever.

It is not the strongest or most intelligent that survives... is the one most adaptable to change.


 Instant Agile     Instant Agile   The Toolkit On A Page    The Toolkit On A Page

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